Tuesday, 24 August 2010


I wanted this blog, as well as being a space to keep you updated on the making of the documentary and the latest on Noah And The Whale, also to be a useful resource for people thinkning about making a music film or going down the indie film route. With that in mind here is a great article from the NY Times this weekend profiling a few examples of Indie/D.I.Y distributors that are bridging the gap between music and film releases and also shining a light on how to succesfully take niche films to their dedicated audiences.

One of the distribs Range Life even takes their films on tour around America in their van! What could be more fun!?



I was happy to see that the NME has got wind of the documentary coming out as you can see in this article. I hope the doc will give fans enough great material to tide them over till the release of the 3rd album next year. (I'm sure it will). We are planning two discs for the release now so it will be jam packed with extras.

To clarify the release date. We don't have an exact date yet but the plan is for it to be available November/December this year. Also you will be able to pre-buy it in advance so follow twitter: @firstdaysmovie to keep updated.

Wednesday, 18 August 2010


At the moment we are designing the cover artwork, dvd jacket, dvd Menus and the Webpage. They are all looking really cool and coming together nicely.

Here are the layouts of the DVD sleeves for my last short films. I am lucky to have the same designer Joe Maduma working on cover art for the doc and I am sure it will come out great. I will post some work in progress stuff for you to see when we have it.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010


Post production is moving into full swing on the documentary. I aim to keep this blog updated with all the developments of post and all the stages of distribution for anyone interested in Noah And The Whale/filmmaking/music docs. Hopefully it will be a useful resource for anyone looking to make their own music documentery in the future.

Currently the website for the film is being constructed, we are designing the dvd packaging, menus and planning some amazing extras! There is still the small matter of color grading the film itself and doing the sound mix which should be done over the next few weeks. I will have news of a preview screening and hopefully a nice trailer to share over the coming weeks too.