Tuesday, 16 February 2010


The Berlin Film Festival is defntly the most efficiently organized film festival in the world! Well, I dunno, I haven't visited them all so I can't really say that but regardless - I was able to visit the EFM this weekend (European Film Market) which is hosted every year at the Berlinale.

Thanks to a friend at Focus Features I also got to see Noah Baumbach's new film Greenberg. It was a slightly odd mix of mumblecore and toned down Ben Stiller brilliance that seemed to go down very well at the festival. While mumblecore starlet Greta Gerwig shone in her most high profile role - I was a little dissappointed at the lack of screen time for Rhys Ifans - who showed up looking supremely dapper in spite of sporting some kind of strange ginger mohican!

On to the real reason for the visit to Berlin which was of course the NATW documentary (First Days) and interesting some sales agents in viewing the latest version. I was really lucky to be invited to share some space with Olivier Kaempfer who was there with his company Parkville Pictures and their various projects, and so had a nice base for my day at the EFM which included streaming the first half of Chelsea's FA Cup tie (don't tell anyone!), enjoying a surprisingly tasty sandwich and cake and seeing the market in full flow. A scary place by anyone's standards! One overheard hallway conversation went something like:
'Listen - you're gonna have to add a zero to that figure or we're taking it to Lionsgate' and another: 'she's a real sleeping giant that one', 'yeah she's a lioness ready to explode.'

Unfortunately I didn't find out who was being referred to in the latter conversation but I did get to meet some peeps from very nice sales agents who seemed genuinely interested in viewing the doc. We will have to wait and see what happens over the coming weeks but for now it's back to rewatching the film and preparing it for post production....

Oscars soon! My invite hasn't arrived yet wierdly.

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