Sunday, 13 December 2009

Screening the film for the Band

This week saw NATW come to Paris to play La Maroquinerie tuesday night. It also gave them the chance to come and see the documentary at my place which was a nerveracking experience. When you make a film about people you really hope that after it all they don't hate it! Thankfully Tom, Urby and Charlie were all ecstatic about the film and looking forward to the finished product. There now there remains the final matter of one doctor and sometime drummer to still the film which we will do over Xmas back in London...

Oh and the show on Tuesday was pretty fantastic too.


  1. nice nice. out of interest what is the documentary for? is it for TV or bonus content for something? or......

  2. Can't wait to see the finished product, but similar question to Alex's above, how will this be released? more specifically, will it be available outside the UK?

  3. Hey Guys,

    The doc is a 90 minute feature documentary about the Band and specifically the making of The First Days of Spring (the band's 2009 album). It should have some advance screenings at festivals and for fans and then be available next year sometime on DVD. I am currently raising funds to complete the post production on the film and then we will see what kind of release we can aim for in 2010.

    But be assured that we will aim to get it out there so that everyone who is interested will be able to see it!


  4. nice, thanks for the info.

    good luck with everything!

  5. yeah sounds good - really cant wait :D

    hope you get the funds and good luck