Sunday, 21 June 2009


Yesterday saw the eagerly awaited battle between two of the worlds fiercest and most evenly matched football rivals - Noah And The Whale vs Planet Earth. Surprisingly few people turned out to watch this much anticipated grudge match at Regent's Park (0 people in fact) but that didn't prevent it from being a no holds barred concoction of agression, passion, blood, guts and skill.

One P Earth player had a nose bleed within five minutes - the NATW goalie (moi) was viciously targeted with a ball to the face as P Earth clearly saw a strict Vinnie Jones mentality as their only route to victory, and Davs of P Earth again got a ricochet ball into his adam's apple only minutes after recovering from his bloody nose.

It would be unfair to all concerned to publish the results of the game here but, needless to say, there was a vast amount of skill, flair and eye catching teamwork on display with Tom Fiddle scoring the goal of the game with a neat header and Urby Whale putting in an absolutely stellar display as sweeper, after some initial confusion over what the role of sweeper actually entailed. A two minute team talk, a quick viewing of some old Ruud Gullit tapes and a wee nip of JD put all to rights at half time and the second half was perhaps even more riveting than the first as everyone surprised themselves by the quite ridiculous amounts of stamina on show.

Expect more music oriented match ups to come over the coming months and perhaps even a league. On yesterday's evidence we might have something to even rival the conference south - Setanta eat your heart out.


  1. 8 - 7 to P.Earth.

    Yours sincerely,
    Regents Park Warden (and disappointed NATW fan)

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